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Sorry it doesn't work that way, Peggy.

Okay, so this recently happened.
My wife told me I really should stop but how can I? Peggy won't.

Haven't given this site much thought lately. It's a slow day today so figured I'd show signs of life.
Phase II? Yeah, sans apology, it's still going to happen. But rather not talk about that now.
I want a puppy. A little Beagle puppy.
A rescue, not a puppy mill puppy.
My wife and I both love dogs but we're both so busy the poor little guy wouldn't get the attention he deserves.
It would actually be a little selfish to adopt a puppy right now.
So, for now, I've substituted getting a dog with growing plants.
You know, peppers, herbs, mints. Stuff like that.
My window where I keep my plants is getting rather full so I started digging a plot in the back garden.
Only problem is Oklahoma earth is so packed with clay I'll have to top it with a healthy level of store-bought soil.
Found the perfect place: A rich plot below the bathroom window where we had a waste pipe leak years back
 and right next to the A/C unit so the plants will have extra water from its runoff on hot days.
But anyway, it's getting busy again so I better be off. Bless!

I think I pretty clearly demonstrated how off base your complaints are, Peggy.
I am very serious about the apology. I want that apology. I won't continue to Phase II if I receive a proper apology
Frankly, I don't see why you're messing with me in the first place; it didn't work out so well for you three years ago.
Let's be done with this already. Let's agree to a peace accord so neither of us have to be butthurt.

Okay Peggy, I know it was you who reported my whois info to ICANN
You got me, it was incorrect. Gee, wonder why I would have done that. Possibly because I don't want alleged nut jobs like you to have my personal info?
I got the report. I've seen all the lies you told them about me. You want me arrested. You're seriously that butthurt?
I hope you're ready for the justice that's about to come your way.


Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not even next week but soon and it's going to be swift and calculated.
...and as always, perfectly within my legal rights.

And you may be asking yourself, "Why is he doing this?"
Simply enough, the freedom of speech and press and the ability to say things others may find offensive is still important to many of us out here.
Just because you don't like what I'm saying, you seem to believe I don't have the right to say it.

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Epilogue/Prolong: Peggy Penny's so petty she can't let things go. - Record of the how things have gone down. ***Updated***

First Amendment to the United States Constitution - The section on freedom of the press is a good one. This is what it's all been about.

Youtube's Terms of Service - I specifically like Section 6, paragraph C, 3rd sentence.

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