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An inevitably of this website is someone will get offended by their inclusion. I forget not everyone has my thick skin or gets my sense of humor. As a general rule I never remove anything I posted, especially when someone ignorant of copyright law and the concept of liberty threatens lawsuit, but there are those situations where people are more important than pride and some stupid website. Because of this, I scheduled this page to expire Saturday, August 14 at 11:59 p.m. (CST).

Sure I may have got a little randy in my language but I never meant any ill will toward Peggy Penny. I wish her nothing but the best.

You can go to Peggy Penny's website if you want to know more about her, but here's the highlights: she was born and raised in Hollywood, California, she went to a two-year performing arts college and she's a former model. I think that's the best way to describe what you're about to see and hear. And as I understand it she has a public access show in the LA area. Oh, I only wish we had public access in my part of the country. There wouldn't be enough hours in a day, or hard drive space on my DVR to see all the painful gold that could be found on public access TV. But anyway, Peggy Penny has an entire youtube channel full of stuff. Here's the most disturbing stuff I found.


This is so amazingly cringe worthy I can't even express it into words. Just watch and listen.

I would imagine if anyone would use something like Second Life to pick up women, the chances are the women he would find would look something like this; that is to say it's not just another guy with a female avatar.


X Rated

I found it so amazing how my emotional response to this video quickly changed from uncomfortable, to jovial laughter, to an almost depressing sense of, "Lord please make the pain stop!" I have to say her's is the worst head banging I've ever seen. I'd almost rather watch my own mother's attempt. This women seems to be fairly confused about the style she's going after in this video; She seems to be everywhere between hardcore punk to rockabilly. 

I'm A Baby
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Think we're picking up a theme here: she's a lonely, horny and delusional soccer mom. She even practiced a bit of plagiarism on this piece. One would think if she was to rip off a melody, she would pick one less memorable than Willie Nelson's Crazy. It took us a few minutes to remember where we heard it but right from the get go, we knew it wasn't her's. And at this point I have to pretty much assume the melody to every one of her songs was pick up from somewhere else. Just like what people do with Led Zeppelin.

Flirting With Danger

Holding context on this video is something I found difficult. I'm not sure what she was trying here, or what she was thinking when she wrote this song but my guess would be she was trying to do something like Björk's song, Violently Happy. Just guess which song I prefer. Yeah.