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27 May 2016

I haven't been spending much time on twitter these days. Usually I only log on there when I'm bored and as we all know boredom and twitter go hand-in-hand and is a bad combination.

Okay, so yeah, one day last week (May 17, 2016) I was bored. You know, trying to kill some time before going home and I thought, yeah, let's go on twitter and see what my #1 fan is up to. Over the years she would post passive-aggressive things about me, my viewpoints, my website and also issue idle threats here n' there. You know, the typical twitter bullshit. I've come use to her childish antics and it's a very interesting mix of sad and hilarious. I'm not about to allude my antics are any less childish; I simply have the fortitude and integrity not hide it. She'll post these tweets and a few hours or days later she'll delete them. I'm very random on when I check for these epically erroneous tweets; it's purely up to when I feel like it: It can be few times a week, I could go months.

But anyway, on this particular Tuesday afternoon I happened to her twitter page to see myself looking right back at me, as you see from the screenshot below.

I couldn't have felt more flattered, I tweeted her back the following:

I guess she didn't really like my photo nearly as much as I thought because by the time I got across town (about a 15 to 20 min drive) she deleted her tweet. So much for trying to be nice. 

But yeah. I have to admit I found the speed of her deletion especially funny. If you wanna go by the gap between the two tweets, her tweet that was there for around 23 hours was deleted within 25 minutes of my tweet referencing it.

I know there are two questions so allow me to answer them: No, there is no validity to her claim other than momentarily on my personal FB page. And I haven't a clue what she was eluding to in the first place. And secondly, no, I feel no butthurt about her tweeting my photo; I'm fully aware of how the internet works.

I'm kind of guessing she knew I would have seen this. I know when I'm being baited. What I'm not sure of is what she's trying to prove. My best guess is she expected me to react all pissy either for her own enjoyment or to make me look like a hypocrite. And/or this is the best retaliation she could come up with after I called her out for her shilling FB comments. But really, there is little to no point of trying to rationalize the actions of a crazy person. 

If she wasn't aware that I occasionally check in on her twitter to see if she's talking shit about me, well, she is now. And especially after she sees this page -which won't take long- there is that chance her passive-aggressive tweets will stop. She, however, won't stop poking me until I remove everything I ever said about her from the Internet...if even then. So yeah, bring it crazy lady! Bring it!